The guarantee period for the entire Krups product range is 2 years.
The Krups 2-year guarantee covers domestic and private use only. For all other uses, it is limited to the 1-year Commercial guarantee. To see the guarantee conditions for your product, select one of the product ranges below.

How do I get my electrical product repaired when it is under guarantee?

  • Your product was purchased from a dealer of our brand: take the product to one of our repairers nearest to your home by clicking here, to benefit from our commitment to repairability.
  • Or take it to the point of sale where you bought it (or contact your dealer if you bought it online).

How do I get my electrical product repaired when it is no longer within guarantee?

  • take the product to one of our authorised repairers. You can find the nearest one by clicking here.

Small domestic electrical appliances

Accessories - Spare parts - Kitchen utensils

What is an international guarantee?

It is a guarantee that allows you to benefit from all its advantages, regardless of the country of purchase of the product and of residence, in all the countries listed in the download above.

However, product guarantee periods may vary from one country to another. In this case, it is the country of purchase that must be taken into account to know the duration of the guarantee.